Transformation and redevelopment of an empty office building into a living and working space

Binckhorst is a unique inner-city business park in The Hague where craftsmanship, creativity, culture and entrepreneurship seamlessly merge together. The business park derives its strategic value from its proximity to the city centre and from the employment it offers to The Hague. The municipality expects Binckhorst to have a positive effect upon the area and therefore actively supports its development.
On the site sits Junoblok, commissioned by Interned Bouw BV after a design by Architect ZCZO&P and built by Grabovsky and Poort in 1978. The first ten years it was used as an office building. In the late 90s it temporarily housed a refugee centre. After losing this function, it remained empty, and part of the building was later temporarily used by students and artists. The building is on the Junostraat, a beautiful spot at the Trekvliet canal.

Peña has actively supported the municipality to transform the property by devising a concept for a marketing strategy. His plan includes the following components:

1. A concept for a marketing strategy
2. A design, development and implementation of marketing activities
3. A design for the outdoor space

The marketing strategy includes a campaign to promote the site as a location for living and working on the Trekvliet canal utilizing the motto: the Junoblok is robust and urban. The strategy is aimed at young pioneers who can realize their dreams as entrepreneurs and residents, and who, in so doing, can put their own mark on the area. In view of the growing popularity of small-scale combination of housing and work, Junoblok is divided into lots which can be individually developed (in Dutch: ‘kluskavels’).

The building offers diversity for a wide audience thanks to the cultural, commercial and socially-innovative development while respecting the authenticity of the Binckhorst area.
During the sales of the lots, temporary events will be organized as well as experiments with various store formulas involving distinctive fashion, daring art, design, lifestyle and media. There will also be the opportunity during this sales period for food and entertainment concessions.

Concomitant with the redevelopment of the Junoblok, the design for the outdoor space will be executed. This redevelopment includes new pavement, widening and repair of sidewalks, new high-quality lighting, bicycle parking and landscaping. Furthermore, the embankment of the Trekvliet canal will be completely restored, and dockage for small boats will be added.

Location Binckhorst-The Hague, the Netherlands
Client DSO The Hague
Marketing PEÑA architecture
Gabriel Peña – public space
Branding PEÑA architecture
Architect Hulshoff & Arvide architecten
Builder van Wijnen, Baarn
Photography Gabriel Peña
Gross area 9000 m2 and 3230 m2 public space
Status partly delivered and under construction