We design custom-built houses while emphasizing details in order to realize the home of your dreams. Our projects vary from new self-standing houses to renovations and apartment complexes. Our projects are functional with a high aesthetic standard which radiates warmth and modernity. We realize the customer’s wishes by seamlessly connecting all details of the project: from lay-out, to choice of materials, to facades.


Transformation of existing buildings requires an open and flexible approach. In order to create a sustainable environment, we need to improve the landscape, intertwine the site with adjacent areas and involve citizens in planning and thinking about its cultural functions. With thorough knowledge of the market and the technology PEÑA tackles the problem of fitting in the building to the scale of city and landscape.

Public buildings

For PEÑA public buildings are places where people meet and where cultural expressions are celebrated. Applying the appropriate architecture can not only attract more people to public buildings, it can also put a neighbourhood or even a city on the map and cause a lasting transformation. Designing public buildings has the most influential architectural impact on city life.