PEÑA architecture performs in the areas of housing, redevelopment and transformation, public buildings and city planning.

PEÑA is a Rotterdam based dynamic architectural firm, founded by Gabriel Peña. We perform with great expertise in the area of housing, redevelopment, transformation and public buildings based on careful analysis of the constantly evolving contemporary life. With a critical eye on the social debate concerning space and sustainability, we attempt to bridge the gap between the need for an attractive living environment and its relation with its surroundings. Over the last years, PEÑA’s work has been widely published and awarded.

We design custom-built houses while emphasizing details in order to realize the home of your dreams. Our projects vary from new self-standing houses to renovations and apartment complexes. Our projects are functional with a high aesthetic standard which radiates warmth and modernity. We realize the customer’s wishes by seamlessly connecting all details of the project: from lay-out, to choice of materials, to facades.

Redevelopment and transformation.
Transformation of existing buildings requires an open and flexible approach. In order to create a sustainable environment, we need to improve the landscape, intertwine the site with adjacent areas and involve citizens in planning and thinking about its cultural functions. With thorough knowledge of the market and the technology, PEÑA tackles the problem of fitting in the building to the scale of city and landscape. We don’t just provide good architecture and design, but we also play a vital role in coordinating the interests of various parties. PEÑA acts as a mediator in the relations among the future users, the surrounding residents, investors and the government.

Public buildings and city planning.
For PEÑA public buildings are places where people meet and where cultural expressions are celebrated. They are junctions in the urban life which play a role in the public space, such as theatres, shopping malls, museums and buildings with an educational purpose. Applying the appropriate architecture can not only attract more people to public buildings, it can also put a neighbourhood or even a city on the map and cause a lasting transformation. A vital function of public buildings is receiving people, the flux of people. Designing public buildings has a substantial, influential architectural impact on city life.

Working method.
We attach great value to close cooperation with our clients. Together with the client, we look at the possibilities of the site in relation to the environment, the sun’s effect and the municipal regulations. We map out the clients’ wishes and the feasibility within the available budget, down to the detailed level. We create a functional layout utilizing our extensive experience of space and daylight, but at the same time we project a vision for the future. By listening, researching and inspiring, we ultimately come to a solid design that serves as a reliable guide for the building process.

Gabriel Peña founded PEÑA in 2006. As chief designer, he is the driving force behind all projects at the office. Gabriel Peña has been an educator at the Academy of Architecture in Tilburg and at the Facultad de Arquitectura y Urbanismo (FAU) de la Universidad de Chile. In 2017 Gabriel Peña was appointed a member of the AOA, the Chilean Architectural Office.

Selected clients.
We believe in close cooperation with clients and partners.
We are committed to understand their needs and translate them into fresh design.
Together we create custom-made projects.

  • Hofbogen BV
  • Municipality of Deventer
  • Municipality of Wassenaar
  • Simple Design
  • DHG
  • Municipilaty of VRSAC
  • Domeco sustainable projects
  • MC theater
  • Municipality of The Hague-DSO
  • Van Pol Beheers BV
  • Fontys the Academy for creative industries
  • Municipality of Mannheim
  • Vestia
  • Havensteder
  • Van Wijnen
  • Rijksvastgoedbedrijf
  • Municipality of Vlaardingen
  • Centro per Lárte contemporanea Luigi Pecci – Prato
  • BAM gebouwservices
  • Empresa Portuaria Austral de Punta Arenas
  • Destino
  • StartUp Mannheim
  • Osteopathie van Poecke
  • Huisartsenpraktijk Pleinweg
  • Municipality of Hulst
  • AOA – Asociación de Oficinas de Arquitectos
  • Toko MC