Design and decoration of a restaurant

On the Zaagmolenkade in Rotterdam is the tapas restaurant Destino. The neighbouring building was empty and the owners of Destino decided to open a restaurant on this property under the name of Bertmans where breakfast, brunch or lunch is served. The restaurant has a terrace at the front and also along the water.The cuisine adopts its menu from the Middle East, Japan, Peru, or a mix of these. Bertmans tries to push the breakfast and lunch culture in the Netherlands into a more global direction.

The assignment was to design an interior for this new establishment using materials to create an atmosphere which compliments this specific breakfast and lunch cuisine. To reflect the natural and organic nature of the restaurant, the architect chose four basic materials: steel, brick, distressed wood and Moroccan tiles.
The interior rear wall of the restaurant, facing the wide windows of the facade, is largely made up of bricks and reflects the exterior bricks of the building. However the interior bricks are laid on their side and provide a decorative and acoustic effect. Because the bricks are not treated, the wall has a distinctive character and adds a special, warm feeling to the space.

The wardrobe is made out of steel scaffolding as is the display installation above the bar. The tables, which are also designed by the architect, are made out of a combination of steel and distressed wood. However, the chairs and barstools were purchased through Marketplace.The bar is made of distressed wood, as is the area between the brick wall and the ceiling. The long, high bar at the front is made of steel and distressed wood.

A green-cushioned sofa made out of distressed wood is placed against the wall opposite the bar.
Old army lamps provide lighting above the green sofa.The walls behind the kitchen and the toilets are lined with aquamarine Moroccan tiles. The toilets and storage are accessible via steel door frames consisting of a two-layered perforated steel plate.

Location Rotterdam, the Netherlands
Client Destino
Design PEÑA architecture & Studio Oblique
Architect Gabriel Peña & Samir Bantal
Builder Kusz / van Till
Kitchen Pub Horeca Rotterdam
Photography Maarten Laupman
Gross area 75 m2

Status delivered 2015