PEÑA architecture is specialized in the reallocation, redevelopment and transformation of existing buildings, designing new buildings and developing urban design strategies.

PEÑA is a dynamic architectural firm, founded in 2006 by Gabriel Peña. Based in Rotterdam it operates in the areas of architecture and urban development as well as interior, urban landscape and product design. PEÑA’s work is based on careful analysis of constantly evolving and changing contemporary life.
Demonstrating a Rotterdam élan, the firm operates where architecture overlaps with city planning. The cosmopolitan atmosphere of the city is its source of inspiration. The firm specializes in the reallocation, redevelopment and transformation of existing buildings, designing new buildings and developing urban design strategies.

PEÑA exhibits a can-do mentality and believes in the power of innovation. It has a keen eye on quality, transparency, budget and communication, and it encompasses the entire scope of a project. The firm has extensive practical experience and is capable of carrying out a project from start to completion. PEÑA is not only involved in the building, but also in the interaction between all stakeholders. It has an extensive network in the construction industry, in creative circles and in the cultural forefront of the city. The clients and users are always the focal point and are involved in every stage of the creative process. An important characteristic is the high degree of precision and care for details and a design mentality that prefers intensity over volume.
The firm extends the borders of traditional architecture by utilizing a multidisciplinary approach within the current trends. By using a magnified perspective on the context, user-space and detailing of a project and deeply engaging in a dialogue with the clients, architecture can add value, beauty and meaning to a project.

PEÑA believes in teamwork and cooperation to foster innovative architecture. The firm has experience working in teams – both on large and small scale projects. It connects knowledge, experience and opinions; its key notions are flexibility and outcome.

The last couple of years, PEÑA has completed a wide range of projects which vary in scale and type: residential housing, interior design, retail buildings, museums, sustainable redevelopment, spatial business plans and branding & marketing concepts. Several projects have been featured in national and foreign professional journals. A number of designs have been awarded first prize in open contests. The project Station Hofplein -Mini Mall in Rotterdam was published in the Architecture in the Netherlands Yearbook 2011-2012. This project has also been nominated for the Rotterdam Architecture Prize and the Job Dura Prize.
In 2014 the firm designed an apartment complex in a former museum in Rotterdam. After the complex was completed the three apartments- Casa K, Casa T and Casa F -were featured in several professional journals. In 2015 Peña became a guest-lecturer at the Academy of Architecture in Tilburg. In 2016 PEÑA researched the themes healthcare and vacancy in homes for elderly people for the Government Architect of the Central Government Real Estate Agency.
Also the firm has been involved in several international projects. In 2015 it delivered its first urban planning project in Serbia. In 2017 Peña was appointed a member of honor of the AOA, the Chilean Architectural Office Association for which he is now a representative in the Netherlands.